What’s New, Great, and Re-Markable about Deep Links

About a year ago I discovered the potential of deep links and how they work to increase conversion and sales for influencers on Instagram. At the time, I signed up for and recommended URLGenius as a deep link service provider. In 2024, I have decided to switch over to a new and different service – Markable. I will explain why below.

New major retailer affiliate programs

But before I get into that, I want to describe how the affiliate platform landscape has changed in one year. In 2023 we used deep links exclusively for Amazon. There were many services besides URLGenius that became available to us including a free option. But at the end of 2023, I and many fellow influencers also became a part of the Walmart and Target Creator programs. That means that we can link directly to these retailers for a higher commission and bonus opportunities – just like the Amazon Affiliate Program. And just like with Amazon, we’d need to use deep links to increase the retailer app opens and conversions.

Why Markable?

Markable started out providing support for deep links for Amazon alone but when the other affiliate programs became available, they quickly enabled capabilities for them too. Markable’s founder Joy Tang started the company with influencers as their primary and only customer. This means that they develop and build products that support our needs and listen to our feedback and requests. The same can’t be said about other deep link services.

Here is a summary of why I prefer Markable right now:

  • Markable has a very fast response when something isn’t working. There were instances when Target’s regular links broke. We alerted Markable to the issue and they were able to update their code once Target restored service within a couple of hours. We all know that minutes and hours passing with broken links can result in loss of revenue. The fact that Markable takes that to heart and responds with urgency really impressed me.
  • Markable’s entire purpose is to serve the influencer industry while creators make up only a portion of the customer base of other services, Markable’s clients are 100% influencers and creators. What this means is that Markable will continue to evolve and innovate to serve our needs as they change. Updates and changes are a constant in our industry and we need a service that will grow and innovate alongside our industry.
  • Markable offers collages that allow us to link multiple products with a single link. You can also link multiple products across the 3 retailers within one collage/link. Just like LTK post capabilities.
  • Available on mobile and desktop. We do most of our work from our phones. The Markable app was developed as the primary way to use the service and features. However, desktop functionality is also available for the Chrome browser.
  • User-friendly mobile app features. You can sync your Amazon storefronts to Markable which imports your idea lists, shippable photos, and products. This means you can grab deep links to your lists or photos with one click – no more repeated copy and paste. The products are listed with a preview image and are also searchable.
  • Easy to navigate dashboard. Retailer tabs at the top of the dashboard allow for easy toggle and link grabbing. Analytics can be sorted by time frame and show link clicks.
  • Tracking capability for Amazon. You can import tracking IDs to your Amazon dashboard in Markable and assign the respective IDs every time you copy a link. Click counts will show for each tracking ID and the sales will attribute correctly to that ID so you can filter and view in Associates Central.
  • The Markable links won’t stop working if you discontinue the service
  • Other features – there are more features that Markable offers – a Bio Link, a viral products page that sources from Amazon’s best sellers, AI collage and caption generating, and more that they are constantly working on.

The Markable pricing packages

  • Pay per click – $0.01 per click with a cap of $1000 and no long-term contract. If you are a smaller account with less volume, this option makes the most sense. Others charge $0.02 per click.
  • Invitation-only special pricing – $499 for unlimited clicks. Unlock this option at checkout (once your trial expires) by entering my handle as a promo code: @stefanasilber. This option only makes sense if you have a large account that will require more