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The secret to success doesn’t have to be kept a secret. Learn how to monetize your content and turn a hobby into a business.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to take your influencer business to the next level, there is information, support, community, and resources here for you.

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Uncover the earning potential of  LTK and Amazon affiliates you’ve been missing out on. Learn the secrets of successful influencers. Regain control and freedom of messaging that brand collaborations limit. Learn to decipher the confusing lexicon of these platforms.

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From setting up your business as an LLC, to saving for retirement. The tools and technology that make your life easier and allow you to scale. A virtual assistant  and other talent directory.

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Join the vibrant Facebook community of creators from various niches and stages in the journey. Ask questions, share your pain points, give and receive advice. Celebrate each other’s victories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each lesson in the LTK course has multiple topics where the content is delivered both in self paced written form as well as a slide show presentation with VoiceOver. The Amazon course is in written form only to allow for frequent updates.
In order to get the full benefit from this course, it’s highly encouraged to first be accepted to the LTK platform and Amazon associates. We are not able to verify if people are accepted to those platforms therefore can’t prevent anyone from taking this course, however the course assumes knowledge of pertinent information only available to people who can access the LTK Creator and Amazon Associates website.

All major credit cards are accepted at checkout.

These courses are designed for everyone – from influencers just starting out to those who have been doing it for a while but looking to scale up their earnings even more. If you’re advanced, feel free to skip over the onboarding lessons in the beginning. It’s also great for influencers who are training assistants to do LTK and Amazon affiliate related work.

The monthly subscription includes access to all course material, the Resource Library, our Private Facebook Group, and Monthly Zoom office hours. Click here to learn more.

Yes, you can cancel at any time from your account page.

The LTK Course

Prerequisite - must be accepted to the LTK platform.

Learn how to grow your presence on the LTK app and increase your affiliate commissions through LTK. From the basics of setting up your shop page and  creating links to efficiency and organization tips.  Understand tracking,  cookie technology and how to read your analytics. Learn what  tools and software you need. When should you  hire help in order to scale your earnings even more.

About Stefana

Stefana is a successful creator and influencer who is dedicated to empowering her influencer community and sharing all her knowledge with them. 
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