When you’re a member, you will enjoy many resources and support to grow your business. Influencer Confidential is a robust community designed for the influencer and the business of influencing. We provide you with educational tools, as well as a living resource center, to allow you to grow and adapt to the dynamic nature of the influencer business.

Your IC membership includes:


This is not just a Facebook page – it’s a community! Influencer Confidential’s private Facebook page is designed to support and reinforce all resources but also to create a community setting to help grow your business.

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In our group, you can:

Our IC Members value community over competition!


There is something powerful in face time (so be prepared to turn on your camera). Our monthly Zoom call is a great place to learn and put a face to community members.

Topics include:

Can’t make the Zoom call? No worries! It is always recorded and shared on the private Facebook page.


There is so much more to this business than affiliate strategy. Members of the community also have access to a host of business resources including:
Influencer Confidential supports the entire business and is committed to providing education and resource tools beyond the basic coursework.


An Influencer Confidential Membership also gives you access to both of my most popular courses:

These courses include the fundamental tools and tips needed to get started in the influencing industry, along with some methods gleaned from my years in the business to save you from some of the growing pains. By following my courses you can expect almost immediate and rapid growth. I don’t teach you how to be an influencer; I teach you how to be a successful influencer.

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