Amazon Course


You can purchase this course separately but you won’t have access to the Resources Library or the Members Only FB Group and monthly Zoom calls. The Amazon Affiliates Course is included in the monthly membership.

Whether you’re an Amazon Associate or already in one of the Influencer programs, you will learn the technical and creative processes to increase engagement, volume, and commissions. This course will teach you how to navigate Associates Central and understand the intricacies of the program; from the different ways to create an affiliate link to the tools available to you for tracking your earnings by channel. You will learn how to update your storefront, and post idea lists, shoppable photos and videos. Find out strategic approaches to sharing on social media, understanding your metrics, and how to analyze them to increase your earnings.


From clicks to conversion, understand what the numbers mean, how they are predictive of affiliate earnings, and how to use that knowledge to scale your business.


How to use tracking IDs and create affiliate links, understand deep links, and keep up with the latest updates in the program.